School News

By Stacey Hartman, Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

The students of Troy High School have not seen soda in the cafeteria since the 2009-2010 school year. Six

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By Charlie Ryan, Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

The Hug the Earth Festival is an upcoming festival promoting environmental awareness. This festival

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Teacher of the Week Questions

Dream job as a child? NFL Player

Favorite color? Red

What high school did you attend? Troy High School

High school

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Dodging for a Cause

Troy High School Fundraiser: Dodge Ball Tournament

By Annie Griffith, Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

Excitement was thrown around the courts in the

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Senior Slide Show Presented for the 17th Year

By Millie Mayo, Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

It has been THS tradition to present a slideshow during the graduation ceremony. The Senior Slideshow

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Bricker Named Troy UVCC Honor Student

By Casie Duchak, Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

Students across Miami County are looking to summer after a long school year while the class of 2016 is busy

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By Megan Kavalauskas, Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

The Troy Pop Rocks have jumped their way into people’s hearts for the past eight years. The team is

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By Dawn Bilpuch, Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

With fourth quarter half way over, the school year is rapidly coming to a close. However, there are many

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